New Version Firmware Synology : DSM 4.1-2668

Vous pouvez dès maintenant  Mettre à jour le firmware de votre NAS SYNOLOGY.

Une nouvelle version mineure du firmware de votre NAS, le DSM 4.1-2668 est sorti le 18/12/2012 et corrige les bugs suivants :

Change log :

  1. Fixed an issue where you may not see the files via Windows File Service (CIFS protocol) after you rename them.
  2. Fixed an issue where you may not be able to delete files via Windows File Service.
  3. Fixed an issue where the DiskStation may not enter safe mode when a power outage occurs.
  4. Improved overall reliability of Windows File Service.

Limitation & Known Issues

  1. Refer to « Limitation & Known Issues for all versions » for other limitations.