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Problem and solution with Cloudflare DNS setting MX – Mail configuration

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I have a server Synlogy in my home and i have migrated to Cloudflare services for my domain. It’s a very great innovation service, the time to access of my web site has been decreased by three.

My article (in french) on Cloudflare :


However, i have a problem with the service mail. Indeed, my Synology Server hosts Postfix services.

Since the migration, it can’t receive and send mails from outside. yet, I have read, reread the config and I have not been find the solution. I had to contact support Cloudflare (thank you Jerome)

First : Create a record A « Mail » to your IP, like that :

Second : The habitual configuration Mx in my registrar

Thirdly : The good Cloudflare solution

The « name » of the MX records should be the same as the root domain (brizawen.com) not « Mx » or any expression.