Synology – sortie du nouveau firmware Synology 4.1 – Release Notes – DSM 4.1-2636

Le firmware 4.1 de Synology vient de sortir aujourd’hui. Il est téléchargeable sur le site de Synology ou directement à partir de votre NAS SYNOLOGY.

Voir ci-dessous le détail du patch (en anglais) :

Version: DSM 4.1-2636


New Feature Highlights

  • DSM 4.1 can only be applied to Synology NAS with DSM 4.0 and onward. Download DSM 4.0 at: Americas, Asia, Europe, Hong Kong
  • Due to the hardware capability, not all of the features of DSM 4.1 are available to all models; please see below for more information. If you would like to experience the full potential of DSM 4.1 or the future release of the DSM operating system, please consider upgrading the Synology NAS to a new one.
    1. VMware vSphere 5.0 VAAI Support:
      • VAAI is now supported to provide intelligent storage server operation and optimize the performance and efficiencies in virtualization deployment.
      • Full Copy is supported to enable the storage array to make full copies of data within the array to improve data cloning performance.
      • Block Zero is supported to enable the Synology NAS to zero out large numbers of blocks to improve virtual disk initialization performance.
    2. Firewall with Traffic Control:
      • The Traffic Control allows you to reserve, limit, or prioritize the bandwidth usage for difference services to help you manage your bandwidth resource effectively.
      • The maximum bandwidth for each network port or port range can be set up within the built-in Firewall.
    3. Speed Limit:
      • In FTP, File Station,WebDAV and Network Backup settings, you can set the bandwidth for selected users, groups, to limit speed of a single user, or the total bandwidth usage for a group.
      • Speed limit is supported on domain users and groups including LDAP domain or Windows AD.
      • The file transfer sessions with speed limit can be viewed in System Information.
    4. FTP Server:
      • SFTP server is supported to meet the enterprise security standard.
      • SFTP server port number can be either specified or the same port as SSH.
      • FTPS service supports FIPS by using OpenSSL FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography module.
      • FXP is supported, enabling users to exchange files between two FTP servers directly.
    5. Windows File Service Update:
      • Samba is now upgraded to 3.6 with the version of SMB protocol SMB1.
      • The authentication security is enhanced with NTLMv2 and updated Kerberos v5 support.
    6. Recycle Bin on all file protocols:
      • Recycle Bin now works in Windows File Sharing (CIFS), File Station, FTP, AFP and WebDAV. In case that you have accidently removed important files on Synology NAS, you can still simply retrieve the files back from recycle bin.
      • Recycle Bin can now be enabled or disabled on different shared folders.
    7. QuickConnect – File Sharing:
      • Users can now share any file links with the domain of without configuring port forwarding on the router.
    8. Shared Folder Sync:
      • Shared Folder Sync now supports synchronization from multiple Synology NAS to the same destination. This is supported only when DSM 4.1 is running on both source and destination servers.
    9. Resource Monitor:
      • The new Resource Monitor app enables you to monitor the CPU, physical memory, disks and network utilization of your Synology DiskStation.
      • View the swap in/out rate as well as IOPS, transfer rate, and the average loading of each disk.
      • Resource monitor log is now available to display the real time, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year of all analyzed reports with historical data.
      • View all the current running and idling processes on your Synology NAS.
    10. Connection via Proxy Server:
      • Synology NAS can now connect to the Internet via a proxy server in your LAN. You can update DSM or packages directly in the web interface more easily.
      • HTTP/HTTPS proxy server and authentication are supported.
    11. System Log:
      • The System Log consolidates all logs in DSM.
      • Spot important events including error or warning with just a few clicks.
      • Keyword search is available in the system log.
    12. Linux Kernel Upgrade:
      • The Linux kernel has been updated to 3.2.11.
    13. SNMP v3:
      • SNMP v3 is now supported for you to monitor Synology NAS with enhanced security.
      • You can download Synology MIB files to configure your NMS (Network Management System) to monitor multiple Synology NAS.
      • IPv6 is supported to enable you to get the system status of your DiskStation.
    14. Netatalk is updated to 2.2.3.
    15. PHP module is updated to 5.3.15.
    16. Openssl has been updated to 1.0.1c.
    17. Apache is updated to 2.2.22.
    18. Thumbnail Creation Speed:
      • Thumbnail creation speed on Synology NAS has been improved with the new algorithm for thumbnail creation. Below is the test result of the time spent (in seconds) to get thumbnails of 160 MB pictures done.
DSM 4.0 DSM 4.1 Improvement
DS1512+ 395 150 163.33%
DS409+ 565 500 13.00%
DS112+ 2019 1538 31.27%
    • Photos can now be displayed more quickly in Photo Station in DSM 4.1 with the new thumbnail display mechanism.
    • You are able to set the thumbnail quality to be normal to make the thumbnail converting process a lot faster.
  1. Package Center:
    • You can update all packages with a single click on the Update All button.
    • Beta channel in Package Center is now available for subscription if you would like to try the latest/experimental features.
    • Available packages can now be sorted by name or by popularity.
  2. VPN connection is supported with reconnect automatically when the connection is lost.
  3. NTP server is now built-in in your DiskStation.
  4. DS video on iPhone/iPad (Available soon in App Store):
    • Watch videos in supported format (MP4, M4V, MOV) from the Video Station library on iPhone and iPad with DS video.
    • If you have plugged in a DTV dongle to your DiskStation, you will also be able to view and schedule TV program recording with DS video.
  5. DS download on iPhone (Available soon in App Store):
    • DS download allows you access Download Station remotely from your iPhone; you can view the list of your download tasks and the information of each task, as well as pause, resume or delete tasks.
    • Create download tasks through the in-built browser in DS download, using Safari, or simply by entering URL.
    • Manage settings of the Download Station, including the maximum upload and download speeds for different types. Advanced schedules defined in Download Station can be activated from DS download.
  6. DS file on iPhone/iPad and Android phone/tablet (Available soon in App Store and Play Store):
    • With Cloud Station integration, DS file allows you to sync files with the Cloud Station folder of your DiskStation.
    • Sync files with the Cloud Station folder of your PC/Mac (limited to 10MB per file and to the following formats: doc, ppt, xls, docx, pptx, xlsx, odt, ods, odp, epub, mobi, prc, pdf, txt, html, htm, pages, numbers, key,,,
  7. DS audio on iPhone/iPad (Available soon in App Store):
    • Assign specific songs to be always available for listening by storing on your iOS devices. When the network connection is not available, you can switch to the offline mode and play the songs you’ve downloaded.
    • Create and edit playlists from “Now playing” list.
    • View lyrics of the song currently being played.
  8. DS audio on Android phone/tablet (Available soon in Play Store):
    • Android tablets and landscape are supported.
    • You can view lyrics display for song being played.
  9. DS photo+ and DS audio on Windows Phone (Available soon in Marketplace):
    • DS photo+ & DS audio are now available on Windows Phone.

Limitation & Known Issues

  1. VAAI: VAAI is only available on LUN with size over 10GB.
  2. Refer to « Limitation & Known Issues for all versions » for other limitations.