Nouvelle version de Minecraft – 1.5

Une nouvelle version majeure 1.5 de Minecraft vient de sortir et elle apporte les changements suivants (en anglais) – Google Traduct est votre ami  🙂 :

  • Added Redstone Comparator (used in Redstone logic)
  • Added Hopper (collects items and moves them to containers)
  • Added Dropper (similar to Dispensers, but always drops the item)
  • Added Activator Rail (activates TNT Minecarts)
  • Added Daylight Sensor
  • Added Trapped Chest
  • Added Weighed Pressure Plate
  • Added Block of Redstone
  • Added Nether Brick (item)
  • Added Nether Quartz and ore
  • Added Block of Quartz, with half blocks and chiseled variants
  • New command: /scoreboard
  • New command: /effect
  • Containers and mobs can have custom names
  • Inventory management has been changed, for example you can drag-place items over slots
  • Texture packs now have separate images for each block and item, and can have animations
  • Nether Quartz Ore now spawns in the Nether
  • Smooth lighting now has three settings (none, minimal, maximum)
  • More detailed death messages
  • Some hostile mobs now are harder in Hard difficulty
  • Many, many, bug fixes
  • Removed Herobrine

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  1. J’adore ce blog, on a de l’actualité et puis des jeux pour ce détendre, bon je suis débutant mais en surfant un peu sur le net on voit vraiment des chefs-d’oeuvres, je suis pas encore assez doué !

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